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Privacy policy statement

Privacy policy statement

The website ( of Shenzhen Everlink Group Limited. the webside will provide the service to the user according to the following provisions.


The use of this site by the user will be subject to such terms, which will take effect immediately upon the first use of this site by the user. Do not use this website if the user does not agree to be subject to the following terms.


This website can be modified at any time as required, and no notice shall be given, and the user may refer to it on a regular basis. If the user continues to use this website after the modification of this Terms of Use, the user agrees to be subject to the updated terms


Any part of this website shall not be modified, copied, reprinted, uploaded, distributed, excerpted, broadcast, downloaded, stored, transmitted, shown, adapted or otherwise used in any way without the written consent of this website. Users can only download specified content or programs from this website for private and non-commercial purposes. At the same time, users must ensure that all content or programs are complete in order to protect all copyright and patents.


The user undertakes to use the website according to law, and shall not interfere with the use of the website, restrict or prohibit other users of the website from using and enjoy the website. This restricts or prohibits acts that are included in the Site as illegal, intrusions, constitutes defamatory or inconveniences to others, as well as the transmission of sexual, offensive, infrequent, embarrassing or interruption of the normal operation of the Site.


The user agrees to reserve the right to terminate the user's account and password, or the right to use the service of the site, and to delete and discard any content stored by the user in the service for any reason. The user agrees that, for any reason, if the website terminates its service to the user, the website shall have the right to take effect immediately without prior notice to the user; at the same time, the user agrees that the website may invalidate the user's account, delete the user's account and all relevant information and all files stored in the user's account, and / or prohibit the user from using or logging in the user's account again in the future. In addition, the user agrees that the website shall not be liable to the user or any third party for any termination of the user's login to the website.


If these terms and conditions are inconsistent with any specific provisions on this website, the latter shall be approved.



Privacy policy statement

This privacy policy statements covers how to handle personal data provided by users when browsing the website or using the services in use. Personal data refers to identifiable user identity and generally closed data.


The website will collect the personal data of the user when the user registers in this website, participates in the activity of this website, participates in the questionnaire, polls, uses the service of this website, or the request is made by the letter. The information provided by the user is entirely voluntary. If the user fails to provide the requested information, or the information provided is not correct or incomplete, the site may not be able to handle the user's case.


Only authorized co-workers are allowed to access the user's personal data. Without the user's consent, this website will not issue the user's personal data to any of the foreign users.


Requests for access to and correction of personal data must be made to this website in writing.


When the user registers to log on to this website, he or she will get the password. Users are advised not to disclose their passwords to anyone. This website will never ask for the user's password on the phone or email without consent. Users are also advised to log out of the site after they have finished their work and close the browser window to ensure that users cannot read the user's personal data when they share their computers with others or when they use them in public places such as Internet cafes.


When the user visits this website, the server will collect the relevant usage, navigation mode information. This information is for the assessment of the use of this website only.



The site will contain a material provided by a third party. To facilitate access to information provided by a third party or through a third party, this website may provide or assist in providing a hyperlink to the external web site through its web page. This website states that it does not approve or authorize any external site provided by a third party on the site or connected to the site. The hyperlink of any such material or external web site provided by this website does not constitute any form of cooperation or contact between any third party or the external web site and the site. The provision or assistance of providing or assisting in the provision of such a material or an external web site by a third party does not constitute an endorsement or disapproval of any of the sites Any express or implied statement, statement or warranty of the content of the material or the content of the external website; damage, damage or damage (including, but not limited to, the corresponding loss, damage or damage to the content of any such material or the content of the external website resulting from or in accordance with the use or improper use or inability to use or in accordance with the content of any such material transmitted or provided by or through this website); including, but not limited to, the corresponding loss, damage or damage to the content of any such material or to the content of the external website (including, but not limited to, the corresponding loss, damages) our website do not accept liability for any errors or damages  arising therefrom.


This website shall not be liable for any loss or damage arising out of or in connection with the information contained in this website. This website reserves the right to delete at any time without giving any reason or prior notice, temporarily suspend or edit all materials compiled on this website. It is the responsibility of the user to assess all the information contained in this website and to verify it.


When using the Site or any other web pages, the User has unconditionally accepted the disclaimer set forth above, and the Site may modify such terms at any time without prior notice to the User. Users should refer to the reference regularly.


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